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Hardcore Facts About Brave Spartans

From birth, the Spartans were taught not to fear anything. They have well-chiselled bodies and they don’t even think before kicking someone else bottom. It is revealed from history that Sparta’s kingdom was under the rule of two kings. 

Both the kings belong to two royal families named Eurypontids and Agiads. The two king’s rule was designed in order to save Sparta from the enemy, in case if one king went on a military campaign, then the other one would be there for ruling his people. 

The Spartans were not only courteous soldiers, but they were also masters of verbal combat. We have collected some more interesting facts about Spartans that will show you how hard-core they were.

12 Facts About Brave Spartans

  • The Spartans have no lust for material wealth. In Sparta the use of gold and silver was banned, they use coins made up of iron. At that time the rest of the ancient world was busy collecting and storing material wealth, but the Spartans have the only aim to prepare warriors that could safeguard their people.
  • The special branch of annually elected people known as Ephors was specially designed to aid the kings so that they can perform their duties in a proper manner. These Ephors were actually the backbone of the kings, and they have the power to question them in case they failed to perform a certain job.
  • According to their law, only two types of people have permission to embed their names on their tombs. One was the women who died while giving birth and the second was those men who died in combat.
  •  You can better understand the mentality of Spartans by the phrase of their mothers while sending their sons to war. “Return with your shield…or on it.”
  • One of the most disgusting facts about Spartans that will make you hate them is that they do an unusual inspection of their newly born boys in order to check their deformities. If in any case deformities were found, the infants were quickly abandoned, which led to the death of many infants.
  • The infants who pass this physical test were then given baths in wine rather than water. They were also ignored when they cry in order to teach them not to fear darkness or isolation.
  • In Sparta, marriage was seen as the only mean of producing more warriors. Spartan men could marry only after they were in their thirties, till then they have to spend a disciplined life under military training. So most men married in secret, much before they get into their thirties. However, women were expected to marry in their twenties.
  •  There is no place for a coward in Spartan society. Even women of Sparta do not like to marry a coward. If a man is branded by society as a coward, he could not share his meal with others or could not even find companions for gymnastics.
  • At the age of seven, Spartan boys were taken away from their parents for training purposes. In this state-sponsored program, the boys were taught how to fight fearlessly. Even they were kept hungry and encouraged to steal food.
  •  Contest of endurance, the most brutal event in which boys were beaten and thrashed to check their resistance to pain. In this, those boys who died were considered weak.
  • Mostly the agriculture and manufacturing fields is left down for the lower classes in which slaves were included.
  • One meal that Spartans famously ate was black soup, which was made up of pork, boiled in pig’s blood, and flavoured with salt and vinegar only.

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