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10 Lavish Fun Facts About Bollywood

Discover 10 lavish fun facts about Bollywood, from its first-ever film to the highest-budget movie. Learn about iconic actors, dance sequences, and more!

Bollywood, the Indian film industry has captured the hearts of millions of moviegoers worldwide with its colourful sets, foot-tapping music and larger-than-life storytelling. The movies produced in Bollywood are known for their extravagant dance sequences, melodramatic plots, and impeccable fashion sense. It is no surprise that Bollywood has become a cultural phenomenon in itself with its own set of followers and admirers.

But beyond the glitz and glamour, there are many fascinating facts about Bollywood that most people might not know. From the most expensive Bollywood movie ever made to the highest-paid Bollywood actor, there is no dearth of lavish and fun facts about this billion-dollar industry.

So, here are 10 lavish fun facts about Bollywood that are sure to leave you surprised and awestruck.

Fun Facts About Bollywood

  • The first-ever Indian film “Raja Harishchandra” was a mythological tale that showcased the talent of Dadasaheb Phalke, who single-handedly directed, produced, and distributed the film. Despite being a silent film, it was a huge success and paved the way for the future of Indian cinema.
  • Bollywood produces an average of 1,500 films per year, which is a testament to the enormous popularity of Indian cinema both within the country and abroad. Bollywood movies are known for their vibrant colours, catchy music, and over-the-top storytelling.
  • Baahubali 2: The Conclusion” was a blockbuster hit that broke many records and went on to become the highest-grossing Bollywood movie of all time. It starred Prabhas, Rana Daggubati, and Anushka Shetty in lead roles, and was directed by S.S. Rajamouli.
  • With a budget of approximately 550 crore rupees, RRRwas the most expensive Bollywood movie ever made, and also featured impressive visual effects and cinematography.
  • “Chaiyya Chaiyya” is one of the most iconic songs in Bollywood, and the fact that it was shot on top of a moving train makes it all the more impressive. The song featured Shah Rukh Khan and Malaika Arora and was composed by the legendary A.R. Rahman.
  • Amitabh Bachchan, who is considered a legend in Bollywood faced rejection early on in his career. Despite being a powerhouse actor and having a deep, resonant voice he was initially rejected by All India Radio, who thought his voice was unsuitable for radio.
  • Hrithik Roshan’s extra thumb on his right hand has been a topic of fascination for many fans of Bollywood. He has even used this unique characteristic to his advantage in certain roles, such as in the movie “Koi Mil Gaya”, where he played a character with supernatural abilities.
  • Shah Rukh Khan’s rags-to-riches story is a true inspiration for many aspiring actors. He started off as a struggling actor in Mumbai and even worked as a waiter in a restaurant before he got his big break in the industry.
  • “Gangs of Wasseypur” was a gritty crime drama that was directed by Anurag Kashyap. Despite its lengthy runtime of over 5 hours, it was a critical and commercial success and helped establish Kashyap as one of the most talented filmmakers in Bollywood.
  • “Mother India” was a groundbreaking film that was nominated for an Oscar in 1958. It showcased the strength and resilience of Indian women and was a landmark moment for Indian cinema on the global stage. Though it did not win the award, it opened up doors for Indian filmmakers and actors to gain recognition and respect around the world.

In conclusion, Bollywood has a rich history and a plethora of fascinating facts that are sure to impress anyone. From the first-ever Indian film to the highest-grossing Bollywood movie of all time, and from Amitabh Bachchan’s rejection to Hrithik Roshan’s extra thumb, these fun facts showcase the diversity and creativity of Indian cinema.

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