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35 Amazing Facts About Israel

Israel is a small country in terms of area and population, but it has left many countries behind in terms of prosperity. Let's know 35 facts about Israel.

Israel is a small country in terms of area and population, but if we talk about its prosperity, it has left many big countries behind. Despite being surrounded by enemy countries from all sides, this country is not afraid of anyone. And no enemy country even looks at it with an eye. Let us know 35 amazing facts about Israel.  

Conflict with the history, culture, people, economy, and Palestine of this country; Millions of people come here to know amazing facts about Israel, Judaism and the Jewish religion.

Amazing Facts About Israel

  • Israel is a country with a relatively small area compared to other countries in the world. In fact, even if you were to combine three Israels, it would still not reach the size of Rajasthan, India. On the other hand, despite its small land area, Israel is home to a relatively large population.
  • Despite being the 100th smallest country in the world, Israel has a powerful air force that is recognized among the top in the world. Its air force is also unique in its ability to make quick decisions
  • Israel’s intelligence agency, Mossad, operates similarly to America’s CIA. The name Mossad means “death” and it is known for its relentless pursuit of enemies, regardless of where they may be hiding. This ability to track and eliminate targets has earned Mossad the reputation of being one of the world’s most dangerous intelligence agencies.
  • Israel, the nation of Jews, is a relatively new country, with a history of only 71 years.
  • Despite its small size, both geographically and in terms of population, Israel is considered the eighth most powerful country in the world. In comparison, there can be up to 20 Israelis in California, USA, and its population is so small that three to four Israels could fit into the crowds at the Kumbh Mela in India.
  • The Israel-Egypt war began in June 1967 and quickly spread to involve multiple Arab countries, including Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Syria, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, and Sudan. Despite facing opposition from these seven Muslim-majority countries, Israel was able to emerge victorious within just six days and expand its territory.
  • At the 1972 Munich Olympics, 11 Israeli Olympic athletes were killed by Palestinians. In response, the Prime Minister promised their families to take action. Two days later, 2,000 Palestinian soldiers were killed. Over the next 16 years, Israel searched and hunted down all the terrorists involved in the killing of the 11 athletes, no matter where they were hiding.
  • Even in 1979, 54 Israeli citizens were imprisoned inside Uganda, and Israel quietly entered Uganda and rescued all its citizens in the night.
  • In Israel, a large portion of the 8.5 million population serves in the army. Out of this population, 3.5 million are active military personnel. Conscription is mandatory for citizens in Israel, with men serving for 3 years and women for 2 years.
  • Every woman or man in Israel walks with a knife or pistol in his pocket.
  • ISIS, who has plagued the whole world, does not even look at Israel with her eyes raised. to date, Isis did not fire a single shot at Israel.
  • Israel ranks No. 1 in the domestic computer industry. Motorola company made the world’s first phone in Israel itself. 
  • The first voicemail technology was also developed in Israel. Not only this, Microsoft made the first Pentium chip in Israel.  Also, the USB port, USB pen drives, the computer’s first antivirus software, VOIP and communication routers were first created in Israel.
  • The Israeli mandatory military service requirement even applies to well-known figures, such as Hollywood actress Gal Gadot, who famously portrayed Wonder Woman. She served her country by undergoing army training.
  • Israel is the 9th country in the world to have its own satellite system. Israel does not share its country’s satellite system with any country.
  • Israel is the only country in the whole world where children born in any country get Israeli citizenship immediately. Even if the child of an Israeli citizen is born in another country, he still gets citizenship of Israel and can return to his country whenever he wants.
Interesting Facts About Israel
About 90% of Israel’s population uses solar energy

Interesting Fun Facts About Israel

  •  Israel is the only country in the world which is fully equipped with the entire anti-ballistic missile defence system. That is, every missile coming towards Israel is destroyed on the way.
  • When it comes to environmental protection, Israel leads the world. This small country is environmentally conscious and has planted more trees in this century than in the last.
  •  Israel has a simple policy that if any country or organization of the world killed one of our citizens, then we will capture and kill it from any corner of the world not only that, instead of our 1 citizen, its 50 citizens were killed.
  • Israel spends most of its expenditure on the defence sector in the case of GDP.
  • Jews in Israel cannot have pigs because it is a legal offence.
  • You will be surprised to know that there are only 40 bookstores in the whole of Israel because there the government gives books to every citizen of Israel for free.
  • Israel is also a top performer in business, ranking third globally. In terms of technology companies, it ranks second with over 3600 technology companies located there.
  • Most diamond cutting and polishing in the world take place in Israel.
  • Do you know that Albert Einstein, the great scientist who rocked science with his principles, was also a Jew which is why in 1952 Israel requested him to become the President of Israel? But Albert Einstein did not like to rule, that is why he turned down the offer.
  • Israel has the highest number of universities in the world by population.
  • In Israel, you cannot clean your nose on Sunday, you are punished for doing so.
  • Citizens of Pakistan are restricted from entering Israel due to the hostile relationship between the two countries.
  • Israel is also a country like Britain and New Zealand where there is no written constitution like India. New rules are made and changed according to tradition and convenience.
  • Despite having some of the lowest rainfall in the world, agricultural production in Israel has increased sevenfold in the last 25 years. This is a remarkable achievement for a country that faces such water scarcity.
  • Israel produces 96% of its own food items.
  • About 90% of Israel’s population uses solar energy.
  • The national language of Israel is Hebrew.
  • The colour of the flag of Israel is blue and white is derived from the colour of the shola “Tallit” used by the Jews during prayer. The star appearing in the centre of the flag has been a symbol of Jews for hundreds of years.
  • The cow of Israel gives more milk than the cow of any country in the world.
  • Braille is used on Israeli banknotes for the benefit of blind people.
Fun Facts About Israel
The national language of Israel is Hebrew

Israel is a Middle Eastern country with a rich history and cultural heritage. It is the only Jewish-majority state in the world and is home to holy sites important to multiple religions. Israel has a developed economy and is a leader in technology and innovation.

Despite ongoing conflicts with neighbouring countries and challenges within its borders, Israel remains a significant player in the region and continues to strive towards peace and stability.

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